3MEF photoMarvella Elizabeth Ford, PhD
Associate Director, Cancer Disparities, Hollings Cancer Center
Professor of Public Health Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina

Dr. Ford oversees the Hollings Cancer Center’s effort to address the critical cancer disparities of South Carolina through community outreach and educational programs. Dr. Ford and her team work with minority leaders throughout the state to build bi-directional, trusting and long-lasting partnerships, which are critical to Hollings investigators in tailoring culturally and contextually knowledgeable cancer interventions. She also develops and nurtures partnerships between Hollings and several South Carolina historically black colleges and universities to provide undergraduate minority students the opportunity to explore biomedical career options.

Dr. Ford’s research interests include evaluating the impact of patient navigation interventions on health care behavior; developing and testing methods to improve cancer surveillance adherence; developing and testing methods to improve cancer screening adherence; and improving informed decision-making for prostate cancer screening. An overarching goal of Dr. Ford’s research is to identify and address the disparities in cancer outcomes due to race, geography and other contextual and/or socioeconomic factors.

Dr. Ford visited the Washington University Medical School campus in St. Louis August 25-26, 2016. She met with the Rural Cancer Disparities Partnership team, as well as numerous faculty and post-doctoral staff in the Division of Public Health Sciences. We appreciate the time she spent sharing her expertise and insight with the Partnership and faculty at both institutions!

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